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Babies in Playroom


(18 months - 23 months)

Developing Physical Skills
& Mastering Milestones

Our Toddler Program is specifically tailored to the needs of your busy toddler. We lovingly nurture your child through important early milestones, from “self-help” learning skills such as hand washing and putting away their toys, to socializing and forming first friendships.


In our toddler classroom, children develop their independence through fun learning experiences as they build valuable skills they need to interact with the world around them. Patient, caring teachers guide toddlers through playful exploration while helping to establish crucial social-emotional skills.And, as in all our programs, we make learning fun!    

Curriculum & Milestones

Approaches To Learning

Developing independence through exploring the world around them, and building problem-solving abilities.

Cognitive Development

Developing an understanding of their world, as they learn to think critically and creatively.

Language Development

Effective communication abilities are strengthened using sounds, expressions, body language, and oral and written language.

Physical Development

Learning to coordinate and control large and small muscle movements; building an understanding of health and safety concepts.

Social Development

Developing an understanding of their own emotions; learning to interact with others and developing self-awareness.

Language Development

Create fun-filled days and engaging ways for to learn while at play with others and teachers.

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