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Are You Prepared?

This week we had several presentations for chapters in our text. The one that stuck with me was the chapter on preparation. Preparation is essential for students and teachers. I chose this to reflect on preparation in my journal this week because of the observations I completed last week. I observed two different modes of instruction. Online and in-person classes were no other regarding the teacher's interactions with the students and preparedness for class.

In the online course, the instructor provides students with updates and a preview of what is coming up for that week. She interacts with students via email, and they also have periodic class meetings via zoom to communicate with each other; preparedness was demonstrated by her weekly preview and then by reminders on the due dates. She also opened up office hours to discuss the material covered in the course and assessed the assignments.

In the in-person class, preparedness is undoubtedly crucial to successful class meetings. She demonstrated preparedness in different ways. She provided students with an agenda; she had supporting videos prepared to supplement the student discussion. While I strive to be ready for classes as a student, it is equally essential to be prepared as a teacher. The flow of the course is a direct result of the preparedness of students and the teacher.

What are some ways that you prepare for classes when you teach?

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