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Making the Grade

This week I presented a chapter in the textbook about grading student assessments. This chapter was enlightening and provided insight into how different grading methods affect student outcomes. We completed a breakout assignment about how we felt about various statements about grades and grading methods. Our group had an article about grade inflation, and we were asked to discuss how we felt about limiting the number of As given in the class. Our group had mixed feelings about the topic, but all of the arguments were valid.

On the one hand, we thought each student should receive the grade they earned in the course. On the other hand, one student stated that the course should be assessed if all or majority of the students made an A in the class. The instructor should ensure that the course assessments are not too easy for students.

When we returned to the class group, Dr. Dutton shared an instance where we should consider that all students should get the best grade possible. She stated that some post-graduate programs are incredibly competitive, so the students are highly motivated to get As versus lower grades. I never considered this aspect of grading student assessments. Can you explain your thoughts on this statement about grading?

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