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The Power of Peer to Peer Learning

This week we had peer presentations on lectures for learning and leading effective discussions. We have done this exercise each week, and as I reflect on each experience, I am in awe of how each student has chosen to present their chapters. We have been tasked with providing feedback on each student presentation. The feedback includes listing two things the presenter did well and two ways the presenter could improve. Surprisingly, I have struggled to find ways that the students could improve. Each student has been very innovative and engaging.

The presentation on leading effective discussions has resonated most with me. While I like to participate in small group discussions, I am apprehensive about participating in whole group discussions. When my classmate began the presentation, she asked everyone to pull a stick and choose what color they would like. She then expressed that each color group would be asked a question, and you can expect to participate based on the color group. However, when she was conducting the exercise, she still provided the option to participate. When she called my color group, I was not sure I would answer, but her interaction with each speaker made the conversation feel like a one-on-one conversation. This interaction prompted me to speak and share, although I would not have otherwise participated in the discussion.

I highlight this because I genuinely value peer interactions that encourage learning. She taught me how I might engage students who have similar reactions during whole-class discussions. I look forward to learning more from my peers as they present the chapters in the textbook.

How have you learned from your peers?

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