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What's in your toolbox?

Many classroom tools can be helpful. This week we were asked to research classroom tools and choose two that we would like to explore. We shared information about what the tool is used for, how we would use it in our class, pricing, and something we used the tool for that could be used in class. I chose MockoFun for teachers and Jamboard.

MockoFun is a design tool and Jamboard is a tool that can be used in collaborative lessons in class. I am a Canva user but I wanted to explore more tools that could be used to design course materials. I still have a great deal to learn about Canva as well. I will continue to explore these tools. I also found several tools shared by my classmates that would be useful. I have used FlipGrid in classes and I enjoy the video discussions. I would certainly use that in my classes,

As I reviewed Kagan's strategies, I found timed pair share interesting. This can be done in zoom classes in the form of break-out rooms. I have found that talking with peers helps me to understand class concepts better and may also provide an alternate perspective that can be helpful to me. As I continue exploring tools that will enhance my students' classroom experience, I invite you to share tools that you may have used as a student or a teacher. I would love to explore further.

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